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Consulting Service

Springboard’s consulting service will elevate your business to the next level. If you are looking to expand your business to Japan and Asia, break into new domestic markets, enhance your network of agents, or participate in exhibitions/trade fairs, please contact us for more details. Our consultants based in Tokyo, San Jose, Orlando, Singapore, and Berlin are ready to help you.

Consulting Results

Client Industry Project Achievement
U.S.A Semiconductor JPN Branch Office Role Secured a design win through one of Japan’s largest communication module makers
U.S.A Semiconductor JPN Country Manager Role Attended an international conference and participated in the formulation of new a standard specification
U.S.A Security Software JPN Business Development Approached major SI vendors and customers in Japan to develop business relationships
U.S.A Network Equipment JPN Business Development Approached major SI vendors in Japan to develop business relationships
Germany Earth Observation Satellite JPN Sole Distributor Developed a partnership network in Japan and accomplished 600% business growth in 3 years
U.S.A Earth Observation Satellite JPN Sole Distributor Developed a partnership network in Japan and accomplished 200% business growth in 2 years
Japan Earth Observation Satellite Global Business Development Visited 24 countries and developed a global partnership network, acquiring several contracts
EU Hotel Booking Website JPN Advance Marketing Approached a major travel agency and booking website for marketing and promotion
U.S.A Software Conference Attendance Attended an international conference and exercised voting rights to achieve the desired resolution
Japan Golf Course Sales Promotion Created and executed a promotional plan to achieve the sales goal (number of guests)
Japan Restaurant Sales Promotion Developed a new website for promotion and attracting new guests, achieving the sales target
Japan Civil Organization Interpretation Interpreted a meeting between a Japanese cabinet secretary and overseas VIP
Japan Newspaper MC Moderated a symposium between a government officer and international businessperson

Consulting Steps


By combining basic SWOT and 4P analysis with the latest industry trends and competitor data collected by our specialists, we bring you original, up-to-date survey reports.


Based on survey/analysis results, we devise a business plan for achieving the client’s goals, focusing on easy-to-track numerical targets such as deadlines and prices.


Our consultants with vast experience in their field of expertise offer hands-on sales promotion. By utilizing our network to the fullest, we deliver you the best without ever compromising speed or quality.

Distribution Channel / Partner Network Development

Are you looking to build a network of agents/partners in Japan and beyond? Springboard can develop in accordance with your business plan the perfect network of partners that includes major trading companies, private businesses, international organizations, NGOs, and more.

Local Office

By utilizing our resources in bases located in Japan, the US, Germany, and Singapore, we can help you establish foreign subsidiaries and bases for optimum organizational development.


We also offer support across a spectrum of business scenes, ranging from market communication (exhibitions/trade shows, press releases, etc.), accompanying and interpreting for VIP visits, arranging and accompanying overseas business trips, attending international meetings, translating technical documents, to negotiations.

Special Focus

Recent clients within the G&EO portfolio trend towards strategy development for recently funded, distressed or resource challenged organizations looking for redirected vision, new revenue sources and retention of existing client bases. Sector interests are earth observation data integration for directed problem solving and predictive analytics.

Springboard excels in the Geospatial and Earth Observation (G&EO) industry, and has monitored its evolution since the 90’s to develop our own approach and methodology – all to give our clients forward looking insights that retain relevance and value into the future.

Our Strengths

Experienced consultants
Our consultants with over 20 years of experience in high-tech, aerospace, software, and service industries offer detailed and practical support.
Global network
Springboard possesses bases of operations in Japan, the US, Germany, and Singapore, offering consultation that exploits each region’s geography and human resources.
Special concierge
Our network of individuals, private businesses, governments, and organizations allows us to offer our services to every corner of the world. We are here to help you with anything from small tasks such as finding a restaurant for business meetings to critical negotiations with the governments.


What are some specific services you offer?
We help you take your business to Japan and Asia. Feel free to contact us regarding all aspects of sales and marketing, such as customer acquisition and advertisement. Here are some past examples of services we have offered: market research, sales, improving customer acquisition, examining web advertisements, establishing new domestic bases, preparing agent networks, participating in exhibitions/trade fairs, creating catalogues, translating technical documents, interpretation, and MCs for events.
What industries do you support?
Springboard’s strengths are in the high-tech, aerospace, and service industries. Unfortunately, we currently do not offer our services in the financial industry.
Is it possible to expand my business overseas when I have no business experience in foreign countries?
It would absolutely be possible. As your business services and the current market situation play a big factor, our consultants are ready to help you with market research, designing a business plan, sales, and more.
Do you offer support for participating in exhibitions and trade shows?
Yes, we’ll help you with everything from participation in domestic and international shows to accompanying you on site, attending meetings, preparing reports, interpreting, and MC/hosting.
What is your consultation fee system?
We choose the best fee system for each project upon discussion with clients. We have various options such as advisory, one-off fixed fee, contingency, and commission based on sales.


Privacy Policy

SPRINGBOARD K.K (SPRINGBOARD )shall strictly abide by relevant legislation related to Personal Information protection, such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and obligations set forth in guidelines issued by the competent minister, in addition to the terms of this policy when handling personal information

In the collection of Personal Information, SPRINGBOARD will collect and use those within our business scope. SPRINGBOARD will stipulate provisions concerning the protection of personal information and ensure that its executives and employees are well informed of those provisions.

SPRINGABOPRD will appoint a Personal Information Manager and make security management system effective for handling of Personal Information.

SPRINGBOARD properly control the personal data it retains and shall not provide such personal data to third parties without receiving the consent of the relevant person in advance. When SPRINGBOARD receives a request for disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of personal data in its possession by the person himself/herself that provided the relevant information, SPRINGBOARD will endeavor to deal with the matter immediately.

SPRINGBOARD shall promptly and appropriately deal with complaints regarding the handling of Personal Information and review / modify an in-house framework for that purpose.